Trump Finished Jim Acosta For Spreading Fake News!

Sarah Huckabee took a break today from obliterating the mainstream fake media and President Trump took over instead!

Trump signed a memorandum investigating China’s theft of American intellectual property and just as he was leaving Jim Acosta, decided to mouth off disrespectfully.Acosta asks Trump why he hasn’t condemned the hate groups responsible for the violence this weekend. Trump responded and said “They have been condemned.”

Then Acosta continued whining and ask why we weren’t having a specific press conference about the violence to which Trump responded that they just had a press conference earlier this morning where he remarked on the situation.

Acosta just won’t quit and goes on to ask President Trump if he will answer some questions for the media.

“I like real news. You’re fake news.”

At this point Trump proceeds to walk out the door! Brilliant!! If we stop engaging these people we may actually beat them!

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