Trump’s Oval Office Just Finished Renovating – Look What’s VERY Different From Obama’s

As most of us know, during the First Family’s 17-day vacation, the White House is undergoing major renovations, and for everyone’s surprise, everything seems odd now that some changes have taken place in the historic building.

It wasn’t long after the Trumps left the White House that the construction workers got down to renovations last Friday, immediately removing all of the precious furniture and decorations from the house. The long-expected renovations were approved back during President Obama’s administration, and they include an overhaul of the WH’s heating, air-conditioning system, ventilation along with an upgrade to the entire building’s IT system, outdoor spaces and mess hall.

The White House has been struggling with several issues up until now, including a house-fly infestation so bad that even Obama was once captured killing a fly during his presidency. Ceiling leaks have also been reported as a major problems in the White House, but all of that is a thing of the past now.

But despite all of the issues with the building, President Trump has stated that he loves the White House, calling it “one of the most beautiful buildings” he has ever seen. Although he is out in New Jersey, the POTUS has stated that he will not be taking any rest during his vacation days, but instead, he will be traveling around conducting meetings in order to fix less-important problems as well as the opioid crisis.



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