2017 is going to be a big year for Conservatives and those tired of Democrats ruining this great Nation. WikiLeaks single handedly dismantled the Clinton campaign and exposed more corruption than we ever imaged.

Following the election, many have wondered if WikiLeaks and Julian Assange will quietly go away or keep fighting for justice. If you wanted them to keep fighting to expose corruption, you are in for a treat as WikiLeaks has selected their first target of the year: CNN.

They are tired of the disgusting behavior of the mainstream media and they threatening to sue CNN now for their inflammatory remarks.

WikiLeaks has issued a 48 hour warning to CNN and if they do not retract all of their inflammatory statements, videos, and article, they will take the mega media corporation to court and sue them for defamation.

CNN initially thought they could just issue an apology and that would satisfy Assange. Think again.

WikiLeaks also argued that they will expose CNN outside of the courtroom, too, if they continue to play these games.

One thing remains clear: WikiLeaks doesn’t plan to stop after derailing Hillary Clinton and her team of cronies. CNN is merely their first target, and plenty more will surely follow.

They’ve put CNN on notice and they have 48 hours to air a one hour special confessing to their lies or they are in big trouble. If they or anyone think WikiLeaks are bluffing or incapable, ask Hillary Clinton how powerful Assange and his team can be.

Do you want to see WikiLeaks expose and bankrupt CNN for their years of lies and corruption, especially during this past presidential election?
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  1. YES, it’s about time. They and the democrats need to be exposed and shut down completely. As well all who carry on fake news and Trump bashing should be shut down and lisences revoked.

  2. Thank you. It’s time to shed some light on all the corruption, lying and political attacks from the leftist Crybabies. I’m glad to see the Clinton Crime Family undone and their lying partners, CNN going down. There’s hope for America once again.

  3. I want Wikileaks to expose any and all liberal bias and corruption. CNN should have been investigated long ago. They are an arm of soros communist democrack party.

  4. Yes!!! Take CNN out!!! These so called news stations are nothing more than brainwashing stations with only one thing in mind, destroy the American traditions, take down our way of life, recreate our past with lies and programming while they cover for the real criminals who create their pay checks. CNN needs to go!

  5. Take em down and don’t stop untill all coruptions are exposed and prosecuted…please continue to help this great nation and Patriot’s…

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