BREAKING:Voters Were Asked Who’d They’d Vote For 2020 Between Trump And Oprah… Results Are Stunning

In a matchup between President Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey for the 2020 presidential election, Winfrey has come out on top, according to a new Pubic Policy Polling survey.

Voters said they would prefer Winfrey over Trump if she were to run against him in 2020.

The final results of the poll had Winfrey leading 47 percent to 40 percent.

Winfrey also enjoyed a higher favorability rating than Trump –with 49 percent rating her as favorable and 33 percent unfavorable, compared to the president’s 43 percent favorable rating and 50 percent unfavorable.

“Overall Trump has a 43% approval rating, with 50% of voters disapproving of him,” a summary of the results read. “The 43% approval matches the lowest we’ve found for him since he took office, but his disapproval is not as bad as the 53% we found for him right on the heels of the initial controversy over the travel ban.”

In an interview with Bloomberg’s David Rubenstein earlier this month, Winfrey entertained about the notion of a presidential run in 2020.

“Given the popularity you have, and that we haven’t broken the glass ceiling yet for women, you could actually run for president and you could be elected,” Rubenstein told Winfrey.

“I actually never thought that was…I never considered the question even a possibility,” Oprah replied.

Rubenstein quipped, “It’s clear that you don’t need government experience to be elected president of the United States.

“That’s what I thought,” she added. “I thought, ‘Oh gee, I don’t have the experience. I don’t know enough. But now I’m thinking, ‘Oh.’”

Presumably, Winfrey was referring to Trump’s lack of political experience before becoming president.

Trump has commented on Winfrey’s influential power before. In 2015, he told ABC News personality George Stephanopoulos that he would welcome her as his running mate.

“I think Oprah would be great; I’d love to have Oprah,” Trump said.

Trump said the two of them matched together would “win easily.”
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